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Progressive Running Rehab Program

The progressive running rehabilitation program is a functional program that indicates when a patient can return to full participation.

The patient should progress to the next level only when he / she can go through the previous level PAIN FREE. This program begins when the patient has a normal walking gait.

Level One – Jogging

  • Straight Ahead Jogging.
  • Jogging Around The Track.

Level Two – Straight Ahead Sprints

  • Jog – Sprint – Jog: The patient should start with a jog, then start a sprint and end with a jog. No fast starts or stops.
  • Sprint – Sprint – Jog: The patient starts from a complete stop, using a ballistic start, sprints in the middle and comes to a jog stop. Alternate pushing off with each leg.
  • Sprint – Sprint – Sprint: Patient goes from a complete stop, using a ballistic start, to a hard sprint, to a fast stop.

Level Three – Cutting

  • Zig Zag Running: Patient runs ten yards alternating cutting from left to right, right to left in a zig zag pattern.
  • Figure 8 Running: Pick two points ten yards apart. Sprint through figure eight patterns. As improvement occurs, bring points together till they are five yards apart.

Level Four – Sport Specificity

Once all of the above exercises can be done pain free and without the patient favoring a leg, he / she may return to athletic competition. The patient should go through all drills without contact and with supportitive strapping if necessary. When these can be completed, without pain, he / she may return to full participation. Rehab

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