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Flexibility refers to the ability to move limbs through full range of motion (ROM). Flexibility can be improved through a systematic daily stretching routine, which should be done before and after each workout.

Flexibility levels vary drastically between individuals. Do not compete with your training partner. The important point is to improve your level of flexibility. I’ve seen so many injuries caused by horse playing with your training partner while stretching. There are two types of stretching we prefer: PNF (partner stretching) and Single Stretching.

Tips on Stretching

  • Break a sweat before you stretch (light jogging, jumping rope, bike etc…).
  • Be sure to ease in and out of stretches. When you get to the point of stretch reflex, hold for a count of six and proceed onward.
  • Do not stretch to the point of pain. “No Pain — No Gain” does not apply to stretching.
    Do not bounce; this causes injury and prevents flexibility development by not allowing the muscle being stretched to relax.
  • Always stretch your tight side first.
  • Stretch before and after each workout. Also stretch during the day or whenever you find the opportunity. To be truly beneficial, stretching should be done daily.



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