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It has been determined that you are a candidate for the use of intermittent, halter traction for your cervical spine. A prescription has been given to you and you may fill this at many local pharmacies or medical suppliers.

Generally they come with directions included for set up.The use of this device should help to relieve some of the tension in your neck muscles and some of the tingling which you might be experiencing in your arms. If its use causes other new pains or symptoms such as jaw discomfort or lightheadedness call our office and, of course, temporarily discontinue its use.

We generally like people to use this mode of treatment twice daily for fifteen minutes each session. When your symptoms improve you may gradually cut down to once daily and then maybe two to three times per week as a long term maintenance program to prevent recurrent acute episodes. The use of the traction should be coupled with the use of moist heat while sitting in the traction in the form of hot towels, thermaphore or a hydroculator pad, and followed by stretching exercises for the neck outlined elsewhere.

We would recommend that you begin with eight pounds for a brief period (five to ten minutes) and progress as tolerated to not more than fifteen pounds for fifteen minutes. The distance that is comfortable for you to sit from the wall is variable for each individual and you will simply have to experiment until you find a comfortable position. Be sure that the pulley apparatus is securely hung to the door before use. Some people have dental problems or jaw problems which are aggravated by this device and you should contact your dentist before using if you fall into this category.

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